Monday, October 25, 2010

Non-Profit IT Assistance Source - TechSoup Global

This blog is definitely targeted at FOR-profit businesses. However, some of these for-profit small and medium businesses have non-profit customers. Or the owners or executive management sit on the board(s) of local and regional non-profits. Hence, I thought the information below was suitable and timely.

TechSoup Global has served the non-profit, library & non-governmental sectors as one of the most comprehensive technology resources since 1987.

Working with corporate donors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, & Symantec, TechSoup provides non-profit organizations with the latest professional hardware, software, & services they need & could not otherwise afford.

As of June 2009, TechSoup Global has served more than 101,000 organizations, distributed more than 4.9 million technology donations & enabled nonprofit recipients to save more than $1.4 billion in IT expenses.

TechSoup is the online resource for technology donations, educational content, & community tailored to the needs of non-profits.

Their software & hardware donation programs give non-profit organizations access to more than 400 products provided by generous partners, including Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, & Symantec.

TechSoup also carries donated & discounted products from more than 40 different companies, including popular products such as Norton Antivirus 2010, QuickBooks Premier 2010, Windows 7 & most recently, Office 2010 & Symantec Back Up 2010.

If a non-profit you sit on the board of or are in other ways affiliated with is not already a member of TechSoup, I urge you have them join. Joining TechSoup allows a non-profit to post questions & answers in their Community discussion forums. It is also the 1st step towards requesting product donations. First go to to check for eligibility. If eligible, then the non-profit can follow the online steps to register the organization. Note: Sometimes registration requires a good deal of paperwork.

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