Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Angel Investors

Are you a technology, biotech, medical product or other potentially high-growth company trying to access angel investors? Check out some of the following resources across the US:

  • TiE - The Indus Entrepreneurs. This group is not specific to one city but is present in nearly all major metropolitan cities in the US and many not so major ones in California. This is a group, open to everyone, that focuses on entrepreneurship - especially technology-related entrepreneurship. It was founded by a group originally hailing from the Indus region of India. The majority of its membership is comprised of individuals with direct links to this Indian region . (Put another way, the majority of members are of Indian descent.) It's a great group with knowledgeable speakers. They have a mentor program for any member who wants to participate. Some of the speakers are angel investors and some of the members are either angel investors or well connected to angel investors.
  • Business incubators. A growing number of cities across the US have business incubators. Some have been around for years, such as ATDC (Atlanta Technology Development Corp.) or Battery Ventures, has been around for nearly two decades. Others are newer. Check with local universities or business associations in your city to determine if one exists in your area. Incubators can connect you to angel investors and provide you with support, space, and equipment at a fraction of the cost that you'd pay on the open market.
  • Angel investment groups and associations. Go online and search for these in your area. Find out if any of them host conferences or periodic presentation forums where start-up firms that meet their criteria have the opportunity to present. Even if no one in attendance is interested in investing, attendees often forward information on to their peers who may be more suitably matched.

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