Monday, January 3, 2011

Today is Monday, Jan. 3. I am an Ohio State alum (BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering) and a HUGE Ohio State Buckeyes football fan. So this year I finally bought tickets to a BCS bowl game. I'll be at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans watching Ohio State play Arkansas, tomorrow, January 4. For all the SEC followers (I live in Atlanta so I'm surrounded by hordes of them!), enjoy your bowl game but don't forget to tune in to see us!

On a related note, for future reference, bowl games are a SUPERB way to reward client loyalty, especially if you have a strong locally-focused or regionally-focused business. It can be expensive to purchase all the tickets but, believe me, it can and is well worth it. (Those tickets can also be very hard to come by.) It's a great way to interact with your customers in a fun environment...and it's something that others would rarely, if ever, offer them. Therefore, BCS bowl game tickets are the perfect gift for those who are football fans.

It doesn't even have to be their favorite team. However,I stress local and regional because it definitely helps if the client has a strong affinity for the team you get them tickets to see. (Duh, right?!)

Okay, back to my Sugar Bowl game. You may not see a post from me until Thursday. I need time to digest (hopefully) our win and make it back to home base from New Orleans!

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