Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Business Plans - The Numbers

I thought this article was interesting. It discusses the primary components of a good business plan with an emphasis on inputting quantifiable, analyzed data (i.e., "the numbers"). This article is slanted towards business start-ups.


Business Plans by the Numbers

When writing a business plan, here's how to run the numbers that matter without getting hung-up on those that don't.

Entrepreneurs are a courageous bunch—except when it comes to math. I've seen many notoriously tough senior executives shudder at the prospect of running financial projections for their business plans. So I've developed a much kinder, simpler guide to help you crunch the numbers that matter most.

Break-Even Analysis
The most important numbers for a start-up are often the most basic. Among them: Predicting what it will take to have more money coming in per month than going out. Get that wrong, and you could find yourself out of cash, and out of business.

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