Monday, June 27, 2011

Coping with Rising Health-Care Costs

From the article, Five Ways Businesses Are Coping With Rising Health-Care Costs: Some owners have found innovative ways to manage change amid health-care reform, by Marcus Erb.


----------------------Consider supporting high deductible plans.
An increasingly common health-care plan among the best small workplaces is a high deductible preferred provider organization (PPO) accompanied by a health savings account (HSA). This approach typically gives more control to employees in managing their health care and lowers costs for the company.

Take Heinfield & Meech for example. The firm began contributing to HSAs for employees who participate in the high-deductible PPO plan -- $500 per year for any single employee and $1,000 for any employee with dependents. The firm also pays the administrative costs for the HSAs.

Benefits are a core piece of the employee-employer relationship. While costs are increasing and forcing change, organizations that take a respectful and communicative approach can realize an opportunity to strengthen employees' commitment and dedication.-----------------------------

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