Thursday, June 30, 2011

Killer Ways to Finance Your Business

I rarely promote products. Shucks, I haven't even promoted mine here yet. A marketing guru I am not. Nor do I claim to be. What I do understand is finance and strategy..and operations. Does it drive the bottom line? I understand it. Does it only drive the top line as sales and marketing does? Then I can craft the strategy but implementing it? No. Fortunately, through the last company I owned, I do know how to hire and motivate salespeople and provide them with the resources to be successful. But that was a very (and I do mean very) frustrating lesson.

Back to the financing. I came across an ebook, 27 Killer Ways to Finance Your Business, that I highly recommend. It's targeted at start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs considering starting or buying a company, and small business owners aspiring to be medium-sized business owners. I like what it says, "The fact is, lenders WANT you to start a successful business.  Investors WANT you to show them a good investment opportunity." I agree. Many have the money to lend or invest but finding an appropriate vehicle to lend to or invest in can be highly frustrating for them. (You may not believe me but I have friends and associates on both sides of the equation. It's absolutely true. When private equity firms or angel investors find a company that fits their criteria that's seeking investment, they get excited.)

I believe that business owners can find the financing they seek if they have a strong business model and know how to package their business according to the type of investment they seek. This ebook focuses on 27 ways to do just that. It provides in-depth information on why, how, and where to access the financing. And it's REALLY easy to understand. You can check it out yourself and be the judge. Let me know what you think. Again, the ebook is 27 Killer Ways to Finance Your Business. (Is that $1.00 per way?)

To visit the ebook's site, Click Here!

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