Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Make Mine a Million: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

I've written about Make Mine a Million (M3) before. Last fall M3 held a one-day conference in Denver that was open to all women entrepreneurs. (No, I was unable to attend.) If you are a woman entrepreneur and you have not yet broken the $1 million in revenues mark, I highly recommend you check them out. Make Mine a Million is actually short for Make Mine a Million Dollar ($) Business. It's a program whose goal is to elevate more woman-owned businesses from the micro-level above the $1-million dollar level over the next several years. Through competitions and other venues M3 provides financing to winner recipients. It also provides coaching/mentoring, marketing assistance, access to software and other technology tools to these individuals.

Make Mine a Million Dollar ($) Business is run by OPEN from American Express and a national non-profit, Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence. The program provides business skills training, community building and confidence-building tools online (via webinars) and in-person (often via one-day conferences) to women entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis (i.e., not just those that one a competition). Membership is free. Visit


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