Monday, June 20, 2011

Mindset Shift = Business Saved

Shift Your Mindset, Save Your Business is a good article on active steps you, as a small business owner, can take to save your business when low or declining sales is your issue. The article includes some good marketing and promotion tips. If you are a consummate sales person or promoter of your business and declining sales isn't your issue, there's still some good information for you.  

Here's a couple of excerpts I thought were particularly helpful.


Be social, even if you don't feel like it.
Shutting yourself away from everyone is a common mistake too many business owners make when times are tough, says Debra Condren, a New York-based business psychologist and author of Ambition is Not a Dirty Word (Broadway, 2008). "Sometimes you can be your own worst underminer," Condren says. "You start feeling like a fraud."

When Oliver's business slowed down, she started going to more networking events for women and small business owners, while raising awareness of her business through social networks and daily-deals sites.

"[Business] started to pick up because I kept fighting the recession and I kept promoting myself and getting my name out there," she says.

Keep learning and stay on top of industry trends.
While solving day-to-day problems can be all-consuming, taking the time to learn about new aspects of business is an important way to stay focused on solutions -- not just your problems. Condren suggests starting simple, like reading an article related to an area of business that's been giving you trouble, taking a half-day workshop or attending an industry conference.


If you'd like to read more of the advice given in the article, go to the Shift Your Mindset, Save Your Business article.

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