Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SEC Considering Expansion of "Fan Funding"

I saw the excerpt below on an composite news article on by Allison Fass. (I have been traveling and put my WSJ on pause. WSJ is apparently where the article originated.) To read her other news bites, go to Crowd Funding Eyes Shift.

I found it interesting because I've written about companies fan-funding sites that help small business owners and individuals solicit and obtain donations or loans for their businesses. I consider it a viable funding alternative for start-ups and micro businesses. I think peer-to-peer lending is an even stronger viable option for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Apparently the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is reviewing SEC rules that currently prohibit similar behavior to obtain equity investors. Read below for more information. If you want this rule reversed, perhaps you should write to the SEC as 150 others apparently did. Stay tuned...


"Crowd-funding websites eye regulatory shift. The Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing rules that prohibit social network websites from helping investors buy equity stakes in startups. While a slew of sites already help small businesses pitch and connect with people in an online network—to facilitate donations—those sites are currently restricted from allowing the purchase of equity stakes. SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro said this week a review of these "strategies" is underway and wrote that 150 organizations and individuals are behind a petition that calls for crowd-funding share issues of up to $100,000. For more on the pros and cons of this regulatory shift, read The Wall Street Journal's coverage."

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