Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where to Find Angel Investors

I read a great article on Mashable. It's targeted at angel investors but it's a good read for those who want to find angel investors. Remember, when you are pursuing a type of customer - in this case an investor - you need to study their behavior, where they go, what they read, and how to get to them. This article contained some elucidating insights and highly specific information for people who wish to become angel investors or for those already acting as angel investors who want to expand the range of companies they invest in. The article,7 Resources for Startup Investment Opportunities

Did you know that you can invest in private companies like Facebook, Twitter and Zynga online? In the past these opportunities did not exist, but recently, two websites have been posting offers to sell shares from insiders whose shares have vested. You can go to Secondmarket or Sharespost and look through the private securities offerings. Most of the postings require you to buy tens of thousands of shares, so if you don’t have $350,000 lying around for 10,000 shares of Facebook, you might be out of luck.

There have been some new opportunities in the last few months for those who want to invest in companies like Facebook and Groupon. People are creating investment funds specifically for purchasing shares in private companies. The fund will hold those shares for you until the company goes public and liquidates them. This will allow you to invest in these companies for a fraction of the cost.


Note: This article was posted on May 18, before Groupon's SEC filing. Therefore, the opportunity to invest in Groupon as a private company has likely passed. But, if you wish, you'll soon be able to buy shares of Groupon in the public markets.

I recommend you read the article,7 Resources for Startup Investment Opportunities . (Click on the title link to do so.) If you are on the other side of someone seeking investment opportunities, namely your company is an investment opportunity, and you want to find angel investors, you'll want to know where the angel investors are and how to reach them. This articles provides the answers. Go where the investors go. Just remember to perfect your elevator pitch first!

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