Friday, July 15, 2011

Keeping Millenial Employees Engaged

In an article in Monday's WSJ, PwC's CEO Dennis Nally, spoke about how to keep Millenial employees engaged. I thought it was interesting because his description of what the Millenials prefer was the description of what I liked and sought as an employee and I am a Generation Xer. (I know, this generation branding is interesting, to say the least.)

According to the interview and Mr. Nally, "(Millenials are) not just looking for salary and financial benefits, they're looking for skill development, they're looking for mobility, they're looking for opportunities to acquire different skills and to move quickly from one part of an organization to another."

Why is that? Is it because they've seen many of their parents' friends get laid off /be downsized? Is it because they've seen the tremendous rise in outsourcing brought on by the increase in bandwidth, bandwidth connectivity, and supporting technology? Is it because they grew up on MTV and have shorter attention spans? Is it because they've watched "The Secret" and believe in more personal empowerment? Just asking. Admittedly, some of these reasons apply to me.

Personally, I think this is a good thing. If you can build an organization that can keep the Millenials happy, you have built a flexible, nimble company with an entrepreneurial environment that inspires people to collaborate and challenge themselves...and rewards them for doing so.

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