Monday, July 11, 2011

Small Business Compensation

Are you interested in knowing what your small business owner peers pay themselves and their executive management team? Well, Inc. surveyed small business owners with less than 250 employees. They published their results in Inc. magazine's 2011 Compensation Guide.

You will see, as expected, that compensation increases as company size grows. Unless you have stratopheric, escalating infrastructure costs, as they grow small businesses enjoy greater cash flow as their revenues and operations grow, thus allowing small business owners to draw a greate salary...and to hire and compensate their executive teams accordingly. Also, as companies grow, the depth of responsibilites grow.

So if you want to know what the official owner compensation is for small business owners, check out the 2011 Compensation Guide. It's a lot different than the typical salary survey which includes all the Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies.  Note: The survey does not include all the perks many owners take nor does it include distributions. The survey strictly covers small business owner salary and executive management team salaries.


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