Friday, July 8, 2011

A Weigh-In on Investor Presentations

You want your investor presentation to reel the angel investors (or other investors) in.
I've talked about investor presentations to angel investors and venture capitalists before. I saw an article on where the author delineated what each slide should contain, give or take (i.e., There is no right or wrong.) Before I share some of those topics, here are his comments,"Demo your product whenever possible. Have a conversation, not a lecture. Never let your deck or presentation be the main focus of your pitch. You always need to sell the jockey before the horse. Remember, investors buy into amazing people first and amazing ideas third-- second is always about how much money they'll earn and how fast the ROI will be." (My bolding)

As I state repeatedly, investors want a strong management team. That does NOT always mean extensive experience in the area your company is in, or extensive experience growing or running a company. These are investors, not headhunters. They want knowledge, vision, strategy, and passion. The same passion the management team uses to attact investors is the same passion you use to recruit high performing employees, draw in customers, or get suppliers to extend terms. The next thing they want is to know what they are getting out of the deal., i.e., how much money will they make and when. Wouldn't you?

Here are 4 slides listed for inclusion in an investor presentation that I wholeheartedly agree with:
"Competition & Industry Analysis. Include a general overview of your competitors, why you’re better, and how the market share and overall industry revenues look.

Game Plan. This should be a series of points about your strategy and action plan to attain your goals.

Use of Proceeds, ROI and Terms. Layout how you intend to use the money by breaking it down into big-ticket, top-level line items (e.g. Marketing, Salaries, etc.). In addition, include your anticipated break-even point and a series of financial projections that show your best, moderate, and worst cases.

Management Team. List your core team members and 2 or 3 bullet points about their relevant expertise."

To read more about what content should be on the slides of your investor presentation, go to "How to Create an Investor Presentation".

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