Tuesday, August 16, 2011

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

As part of the White House led Startup America program, IBM is participating via its IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. IBM has committed $150 million to promote entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship programs in 2011. If your company is accepted into the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, your startup will receive the following:

  1. access to free software for up to 3 years
  2. a project resource manager
  3. online courses
  4. research
  5. SmartCamp events.

(Remember what I've said about asking what do you need startup funds or other capital for? As a software-based product or service provider, the above resources are likely what you'd spend a significant amount of your startup funds on.)

  1. To participate in IBM Global Entrepreneur, your company must be:
    • A member in good standing in the PartnerWorld program
    • Actively engaged in developing a software-based product or service
    • Privately held
    • In business for less than five years
  2. Companies which are authorized to resell IBM products or services are not eligible to participate in this initiative.

Go to the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program to obtain more information or to apply to participate.

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