Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PR Intern programs and more

I've blogged about using college interns. As a college engineering intern the experience I received was invaluable. I also recently blogged about using press releases and other public relations' activities to help you raise capital (See: Publicity Can Help Raise Capital). Many colleges and universities require their public relations' majors to intern. In exchange, these schools offer class credit for those internships. I won't provide the list here because it is really, really long but, if you live in an area with several colleges, at least one of those schools has such a program. The one drawback is you often have to make the request up to 6 months in advance - for example, before the end of the spring semester for the fall semester. Due to the classes many of the schools require as a prerequisite, the intern candidates are typically 2nd semester sophomores or juniors. Since the students get class credit, they are highly amenable to working for free.

If you live in Ohio or have an office in Ohio and want to utilize college interns that don't get class credits for their internships and thus, expect compensation, check out the Northeast Ohio Council on Education or NOCHE. If you don't think you have the budget to pay an intern, NOCHE has an Entrepreneurial Internship Program that reimburses employers up to 50% of the intern's wages. A similar program NOCHE administers, the Third Frontier Internship Program, provides the same benefits but is only available for high tech internships. Per their website, www.noche.org, contact Brenda Davis Smith for more information.


I know other programs exist in other states. Please send me the information so I can share it here. Or post a comment. Thanks!

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