Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Business Sites (WSJ)

Yes, I was reading the Wall Street Journal yet again (I told you I read it every morning!), and came across an article regarding useful small business web sites. I've seen similar articles in Inc and on Mashable, and I have passed on to you the websites I believe are highly relevant, especially with respect to small business financing. Well, here I go again. Following is my paraphrasing of portions of the WSJ article, Useful Sites for Small Companies.

VentureHacks.com/articles/presentation-hacks - Very specific, eh? It doesn't just refer you to Venture Hacks but to a 20-minute financing presentation by an angel investor. The well known tech angel investor offers presentation tips to entrepreneurs and owners of small but growing businesses seeking equity investors. Those tips include the importance of thoroughly knowing your subject and good presentation skills. (A brief signup with Toastmasters anyone?)


 Kickstarter.com - If you are in a creative field (food, entertainment, etc.) and are producing a tangible product, you should check this site out. This site draws investors (or "backers" as the WSJ calls them, like the term used for investors in broadway musicals) who "pledge money to products of interest." Kickstarter helps the entrepreneur determine a funding goal (what do you need and how much money do you need to raise to get it?) AND helps you craft a pitch to get it. I think these are both great. I know many entrepreneurs who pull a number out of the air (I was going to use a bodypart, but "air" is much nicer!) and can give you absolutely no information as to where it came from or why they need that amount. And I know those who know what they want but either have no sales or persuasion skills or think interesting investors is exactly the same as selling their product. So kudos to Kickstarter for helping entrepreneurs overcome those obstacles.



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