Thursday, August 25, 2011

Strategic Alliance: An Example

Strategic alliances and partnerships can and do save money. But most importantly, they can conserve cash and help you run your business more effectively. Here's an excerpt from another blog that provides a real-life example of the benefits partnering can provide.

"An IT firm, Harris and Associates, offers Web hosting, computer programming, network management and data back-up. The firm was looking for ways to expand its services without incurring additional expenses. They sought a strategic alliance with Creative Images.  Creative Images is a branding, creative services and new media company. The unique alliance allows each company to specialize in what they do best while expanding their customer base.  Each company can now approach their existing and future clients with a suite of new services. The firms both agree to work with each other on client services with a percentage of the revenue generated from the services provided being returned to each of the firms."

To read more about partnering, visit the the blog post: Strategic Alliances Help Businesses Save Money

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