Friday, August 12, 2011

Superb Angel Connecting Service

I saw a wonderful blog post on a blog that I regularly check out. Here's an excerpt and the link, "AngelList (AL) connects promising startups to a sterling network of early stage investors. AL has been getting a blizzard of well-deserved press of late after Venture Hacks released the networks 18 month statistics. But not a lot has been written for startups on how to best use the service. Here's our take in small, bite-sized pieces."

Raising Money on AngelList: 21 Tips from Two Active Angels

 I thought the article had some superb information and also thought that you may wish to consider using this service to raise more funds. Even if you have already raised some funds, this service, AngelList, can potentially connect you to some heavy hitters who may be more strategic to your business. I thought the article had some superb tips on maximizing the use of this service and getting the investors you want to fund you. The blogger has actually invested in companies through AngelList.

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Jackie said...

Great info for those small businesses looking to take things to the next level. Thanks for sharing this!

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