Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beware: FTC Email is a Malicious Scam

I received the malicious FTC email earlier today so I thought it important to pass this on. Fortunately, I was not a victim of the scam. I now always check the link before I click on it. I make sure that what the link purports to connects to is exactly what it does connect to. When I did that, I saw that the link sent you to some crazy long website address with a bunch of letters and numbers that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the FTC url it claimed to send you to. I recommend that you do the same checking, if you don't already do so.

Here's an excerpt from a Mashable blog post about this malicious email.:

"The email’s subject line says “URGENT: Pending Consumer Complaint!” The body reads:

“Dear business owner, A consumer complaint has been filled against your company. Your company is being accused of trying to commit fraud against the complaint’s filling party. The full text of the complaint file can be viewed on the FTC website, in PDF format, by visiting the following link.”

After a malicious link, the reader is urged to call a FTC help hotline, use a secure online complaint form or email complaints to the FTC. It’s likely that people worried about their business’s supposed fraudulent activity would be most likely to respond to the message.

“One business owner said when they clicked on the link their computer immediately froze — that’s never a good sign.” Torok says, demanding a careful examination.

The FTC posted advisories on its phone line, social accounts and blog, saying the email message is a scam and warning recipients not to open the message."

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