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Tiffany C. Wright Explores Financing Options in New Kindle eBook



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Tiffany C. Wright Explores Financing Options in New Kindle eBook


Entrepreneur and author Tiffany C. Wright spent the last several years advising small and medium business owners about company finances. It is their biggest concern according to her experience. Her prospects and clients cite working capital and expansion capital as their number one issue. Now she takes that experience in a book that speaks to many of the concerns businesses have. “Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses” is written in the same easy manner in which the author speaks.

Ms. Wright thinks the timing of the book is highly relevant. “I’ve read numerous articles about how difficult it is for small and medium business owners to obtain a bank loan or access other large corporation options. It is true that there are fewer small community banks due to the financial meltdown that started in early 2007 with the housing debacle. However, a large number of debt and equity financing options still exist, some which did not exist a few years ago.”

Ms. Wright sees business owners adopting the same doom and gloom perspective on the economy portrayed in the media, despite evidence of improving revenues for small and medium businesses. But she warns them to be careful. “Most business owners are by nature financially conservative. There is a lot they cannot predict so they act accordingly. It is easy for business owners to adopt the same gloomy outlook for their small and medium businesses. However, they must resist this tendency. These owners tend to be very creative and solution-oriented in other areas of their business. They must bring this same creative can-do approach to their business financing.”

Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses is now available on Kindle. The ebook offers 25 real-life case studies and examples of traditional and creative financing including community bank loans, co-operative funding, supplier and seller financing, and bartering.

This is Tiffany C. Wright’s first Kindle book. She is the president of Toca Family Business Services, an interim C-level management provider and business advisory firm. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia wither her Rottweiler Shaka.

eBook Statistics

Title:                    Solving the Capital Equation

Subtitle:               Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

Author:                Tiffany C. Wright


Category:            Business/Finance

Length:               168 pages

Retail price:         $14.95

Additions:           Checklists, websites, appendix, index   

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