Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Venture funding of non tech companies

I know tech gets all the press but other deals are receiving venture funding. From the Term Sheet, by Dan Primack of Fortune Magazine:

"TenMarks, a Newton, Mass.-based provider of personalized math tutoring via SaaS, has raised $3 million in Series A funding. Catamount Ventures led the round, and was joined by Birchmere Ventures. www.tenmarks.com"

Okay, this is tech related but the focus is more on delivering educational services (tutoring) using new methodologies that make it easier for the end user to consume, than on technology, per se.

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co., a South Woodstock, Vt.-based artisanal cheese and dairy company, has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding. No investor information was disclosed. www.vermontfarmstead.com"

For the uninitiated, Series A funding is the first round of venture capital funding. It comes after angel investment aka seed funding.

(Click on the term, if you want to subscribe to Term Sheet. It's an excellent resource for what's going on in the venture capital and private equity worlds.)

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