Friday, October 7, 2011

Public University Tuition Increases Nearly 3x Inflation

"Take a look at We Are the 99 Percent -- a website on which protest sympathizers share their tales of economic hardship. Very few of them mention banks, or even bank bailouts. The vast majority of them, however, do cite college debt.

According to The College Board, average annual in-state tuition and fees at four-year public universities increased by 72% over the past decade. Four-year private college tuition is up by more than 34% over the same time period, during which inflation rose only around 25%." (The bolding and italics are mine.)

This is an excerpt from Dan Primack' Term Sheet. Term Sheet is a daily posting of insights and musings on Wall St. and related activities by Dan Primack, a Fortune magazine writer.

I graduated from Wharton over a decade ago...and that was graduate school. I won't mention when I graduated from Ohio State. I knew that tuition and fees were rising faster than inflation, but I didn't realize public university tuition was rising at a rate nearly 3x that of inflation. Wow!

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