Friday, October 21, 2011

Receivables Exchange

There is an online marketplace targeted at small and medium businesses that enables these companies to auction their account receivables.  The entity that operates this exchange is The Receivables Exchange or TRE. You can view them at TRE was the 2010 Innovation Award winner in the e-commerce category.

TRE recently received an infusion of cash to help it expand its focus to selling corporate receivables when NYSE Euronext acquired a minority stake in the company.

Check out this online marketplace. It still serves smaller companies and may be just what you need to free up your business cash flow.

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Dane Pymble said...

Hi Tiffany

I came across TRE through the Linkedin Small Business Group from memory and yes I definitely agree they have a great concept there. I can't wait until they expand to Australia.

So many great potential businesses fail due to lack of sufficient capital and companies like TRE offer a great chance to help small business owners manage their cashflow.

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