Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Angie's List IPO

As I previously "reported", Angie's List went public last week. (Actually, I reported that Angie's List was scheduled to IPO on 11/17/11.) Did you know Angie's List was an Inc. 500 company? Well, I did not until I read an Inc. article about the company. (I'm an avid reader of Inc. and save the Inc. 500 issues but my brain can't retain lists of 500 companies year after year!)

Here's an interesting excerpt from the interview with Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie's List:

"I started going door to door in 1995 to sell subscriptions to a magazine and call-in service, in which people would submit reviews of the work someone had done for them. Our website went up in 1999. By 2006, we were operating in 30 markets. Now, we're in 124." and

"We are seeing more competitors spring up, like Yelp. But when people ask me who our biggest competitor is, I tell them it's when you go ask your neighbor for a referral, instead of coming to Angie's List."

To read more, go to the The Anomolous IPO: Angie's List.

(For those of you who said, What the he__ is anomolous? Actually, according to Dictionary.com, there is no such word. I believe the Inc.com staff writer meant anomalous, which means "deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular;  abnormal:")

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