Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Craigslist-Inspired Company

I'm a huge fan of craigslist. Tra la la la la! That's me singing craigslist's praises! (Believe me, you'd prefer to see my singing in writing than to hear it in person.) Anyway, I was aware of one company, Airbnb, which got started after a few things came together, including renting out their apartment for several days using craigslist. Here's another one, described in an article:


Company: Getaround

"How it Works: Car owners earn money by renting out their unused vehicle through a peer-to-peer rental service. People in need of wheels for a day can get a car for a few dollars an hour. How it Makes Money: Getaround charges a 40 percent commission for car owners." 

Is this an alternative to Zipcar? Sounds like it.This sounds like a viable option for people residing in bigger cities such as San Francisco, where Getaround is based. Need a minivan to haul around the nieces and nephews you are watching for the day? Try Getaround. Need an SUV to transport all your friends to and from a party at the same time, try this company.

Want to know about more craigslist-inspired companies? Read the Inc. article, 7 Startups Inspired by Craigslist.

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