Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Profitability - A New Tool to Analyze Your Quickbooks Data

According to, Profitably is "a Web tool that automatically pulls QuickBooks financial data and generates reports on employee performance, customer profitability, cash flow, channel profitability, etc. You’ll get more charts and spreadsheets than you can imagine, all without manual data entry."


I also like this excerpt from the same article: The author's friend, an accounting expert and business owner "went straight to one of the dots in the “dog” section of the chart; “dogs” are high-volume, low-profit customers. He clicked to see detail, saw the P&L (more L than P by far) for that customer, and started cussing." Hah! I'd say that speaks volumes.

Always wanted to more deeply analyze your Quickbooks data but didn't know how to slice and dice the numbers? Looks like the Profitably tool can do it for you. (

To read the entire article, click on the title: Master Your Financials: No Financials Required.

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