Monday, March 26, 2012

New Netflix Competitor from Comcast: Xfinity Streampix

Okay, I'm a little late in writing about this. I love my WSJ but sometimes I just don't get a chance to read it like I'd like! In those cases, I'll go back and look at the old issues that I missed. Well, in looking back I saw an interesting article in the February 22nd issue of the Wall Street Journal.

In case you are late like me and haven't heard, Netflix has new competition from Comcast. Comcast has opted to somewhat cannibalize it's own services (only partially, mind you), as a means of staying ahead of the game and ahead of the rising power of Netflix. It launched a new streaming subscription service called Xfinity Streampix.

Admittedly this service is not on par (yet) with Netflix. It provides old movies and old tv shows. Not old as in "classic" but old as in "not current in the last couple of years". Xfinity Streampix will cost Comcast subscribers $4.99 per month which is less than what Netflix costs on a monthly basis.

Ahh. As always, success brings in competition. Stay tuned for more...

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