Monday, May 7, 2012

Checking Up on Your Business - Cont'd

Last week I gave some tips Scott Gerber provided on regarding the need for a periodic business check up. Well, here are some additional tips he gave that I didn't include:

  • Be mindful of employee morale. If employees are unhappy, they become less productive, less patient with customers, less sales-oriented... You see the trend here. If you notice a downshift in employee morale, get to the root cause by asking questions. The converse is, if you notice a surge in increased employee morale, find out why. Whatever it is, see if you can bottle it for the future. (Or at least make it part of how you do business.)
  • Assess your goals and objectives against your strategic business plan timeline. Are you on track? Are you ahead, behind? Why? Remember, a strategic plan is a living, breathing document. (This is figurative. If it really does do that, run like the dickens!) The purpose is to help you focus on your core competencies and be proactive in your market. Tracking your performance can help you identify market, industry trends and other developments that could help or hinder your business long before your competitors see them.

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