Friday, May 4, 2012

Checking Up on Your Business

I checked out Scott Gerber's tips on I thought some of the pointers were highly valid so I'll share a few.

  1. Check your cash flow for the coming 1-2 months. I'm a HUGE proponent of charting and tracking cash flow. If you aren't tracking it, you could be in deep doodoo. If you are tracking it but do so on a very short timeline, then you could become aware of a huge impending deficit but have NO time to do anything about it!
  2. Strategically plan your sales. This will help you avoid over concentration with one customer or, if it does happen, help you be able to find other customers to lessen the risk within a suitable time frame. Or, if your sales are dropping off, you can figure out the issue and do something about it before it really adversely impacts your bottom line.
  3. Check on what's working. If something is working really well, run with it. If you don't pay attention to what works well, you may lose an opportunity.

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