Friday, May 4, 2012

Crowdfunding Campaigns to Raise Capital

According to the founder of Indiegogo, a crowdfunding company, crowdfunding can be a great way to raise funds for your small business or startup. According to Slava Rubin:

Get 40% - 60% of your funding from friends, family, others that are interested in you and your business. You can then get 20% or so from crowdfunding. The additional PR you get from your crowdfunding campaign will generate a portion of the remainder of the funds.

If you have a money raising campaign, then use create and post a video as part of your campaign.

Per Mr. Rubin, the benefits of using crowdfunding to raise money are as follows:

  1. Gage demand, mitigate risks.
  2. Test your market
  3. Get extra promotion from all the extra social media.
  4. Get actual customer data. (Highly valuable, of course!)
  5. "You get money."

To see the actual video, go to How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


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