Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Acquired for a High Price

Many (formerly small) business owners, entrepreneurs, and the lawyers, accountants, and others who serve them often ask "why are some companies acquired for eye-popping valuations while very similar ones never attract much interest? The difference often comes from smart exit planning." (Quote taken from article, How to Get Acquired for a Big Price)


One very big reason: being on the radar screen for potential acquirers. That's another great reason to do publicity and marketing. Not only will your prospective customers know you, but so will prospective buyers. Just as with any good sold, the value is determined by those willing to buy. The more buyers you have (or it seems you have), the higher the price you can command for your business.

The article mentioned above has several other smaller reasons. Click on the link to see those reasons. Note: Most of the companies referenced in the article are technology companies. Hence the reference to "eye-popping valuations" instead of just a high price.


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