Monday, May 7, 2012

Questions to Ask When Making a Sale

I read an article in the American Express Open newsletter about ten questions to ask customers to boost sales. The article then made me think of a few ideas of my own. Here are two questions to ask your existing or prospective customers when making a sale:

  • Who is/who are the decision makers? The answer here could help you save invaluable time. If you are an IT firm spending a lot of time selling to a company's director of IT but it's the CFO who makes the decision, if you make a sale, it will probably be one-off or short term. If you'd asked who the decision maker was and involved the CFO in the discussions, you could have had a long term contract. But it's never too late to move up. :-)
  • What trends do you see as having a major impact on your business? Or, put another way, is there anything on the horizon that could skew your business decisions in general, purchasing decisions in particular, either way?

What are the questions you ask customers?

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