Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Check Out This Rap Video for a Mobile App Contest

An entity, Atlantic BT, which creates mobile applications for businesses and governments has opened up their business to nonprofits. Nationally. They've done this by creating a contest whereby they will actually build a mobile application - based on the idea submitted by the nonprofit - for the nonprofit that wins.

Fast forward. The community development corporation (CDC) I now work for (Yes, I am still an entrepreneur but, for now, I'm focusing on social entrepreneurship!) is highly innovative. We came up with the idea for a nonprofit registry ala bridal registry mobile application. Our idea made it to the national semifinals. Now the nation must vote!

To make it fun, the contest required you create a video explaining why you should be selected. Well, we created a rap. We used the Fresh Prince of Belair as the theme. Check it out:

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