Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is PE a Bad Word?

Ok. PE is not a word but an acronym. But that title didn't look quite right to me. Remember, those of you who weren't so athletic in school, when you had to go to PE class and you'd try to avoid it as much as the academically challenged avoided chemistry or calculus? That "PE" stood for physical education. Those that didn't like it would question its value. Many schools have eliminated PE classes. And now America has a growing child obesity problem. Do you think there's any correlation between the two? Just a teeny bit, eh?

The new "PE" stands for private equity. And many try to malign it. Like the PE above, some people don't understand the role private equity plays in the financial health of the US (and beyond). Sorry. I'm not here to explain today, just compare. If you want to know more about PE firms and what they do and why they have value, check out Fortune's Dan Primack and his daily "Term Sheet". It's a free daily update.
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