Monday, September 10, 2012

More Tech Firms Are Going Urban

Well, it seems more tech firms are making their way to urban centers. This is great news for all hose start-ups and newbie companies that don't have the cash to bring the lattes and massage therapists and gourmet food in-house. By locating in the heart of cities, tech firms can continue the boot strapping theme. Want a latte? Go hit up the Starbucks two blocks over! Want great food? There are so many great eateries around, take a break and go check 'em out! And there's at least one day spa within walking distance or 1-2 subway stops where you can at least get a neck massage. Ok. So the start-ups have to pAy higher rents. But they save on in-house perk provisions...and they are close to where the people they hire live. If you live 2 stops away, you can work until 7 pm, take your run, go home and shower, then come back and work until midnight. Convenient, eh?

Yes it is. And that's why more tech firms are intown. (That, and the lower cost of infrastructure. Boy has start up costs plummeted in a decade!) Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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