Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rains are Necessary

Rain is sometimes unwanted, but necessary for growth.
I am sitting outside Staples waiting for the rain to abate. What's the term? "It's raining cats and dogs. "
Some people complain about the rain. I don't. If you've ever been through a drought, you learn to welcome the rain...even if it messes with your plans. Rain provides the sustenance for things to flourish and grow.
Business issues can be like rain. You have a great customer that leaves you. You have short term cash flow issues and find it hard to pay your bills. You have a strong employee that just quits.
You can use these issues to look deeper and find the real reasons these problems arose. You can welcome the rain as a means to clear away you or your company's fog or haze and see what's really going on.
Or, you can refuse this opportunity. Then, eventually, the issues will erode your business and the pouring rains will last for weeks. Without a strong business foundation, your business will wash away until it's just a shell of its former self.
Respect the rain and use it to strengthen and thrive. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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