Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Five More Ways to Crowdfund

I've written about crowdfunding before and will likely do so again. An American Express Open article, "5 Cutting-Edge Ways to Crowdfund" by James Rennie identifies five additional crowdfunding sources for small businesses and projects. One notable one is Smallknot. According to the article, "Smallknot is a site that encourages businesses to appeal to their immediate customer base for financial backing." Sounds like this site could facilitate something called a Direct Public Offering or DPO.

Another crowdfunding source, Brickstarter, helps "raise money for community projects". You could leverage this to do a good deed in your community which could help you build the PR and good will that leads to an increase in customers and revenue. A roundabout way to procure funding, certainly, but potentially a great way to get PR...and do some good for others while doing good for yourself.

The other three sources cited have nothing to do with small business funding but may still be of general interest to you. To read the article in its entirety, go to "5 Cutting-Edge Ways to Crowdfund" .

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