Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gaps in Resumes Are Self-Inflicted

I just listened in on a webinar with an executive recruiter. This was right up my alley since said recruiter is a former business founder and CEO who sold his business. He later moved into recruitment since human capital arguably is the greatest resource growing businesses need. This recruiter/author/commentator, Peter Weddle, said, "Gaps in resumes are self-inflicted."


I loved that statement! How empowering it is. I know people who took time to regroup after a failed business or took a sabbatical or left to spend time with the kids/family for a few years who obsess over gaps. And I do mean obsess. In their minds the gap is a huge negative. Well, not in Peter's mind, assuming you were doing something that contributed to your personal development.

Peter commented that more than any other time in history, due to the rapid pace of dissemination of new knowledge, continuous education is highly valued. Leverage and showcase that.

Were you taking online Spanish classes or teaching yourself about blogging and social media? Did you attend how-to classes? Did you learn to be a more patient, tolerant senior manager? Did you volunteer or mentor anyone during that time?

All of this is considered personal development. According to Peter, you should denote towards the bottom of your resume near the education section. If you took relevant coursework, list it with dates.

The above discussion on resume gaps applies to all resumes, not just those for job seeking purposes. You submit resumes to the bank when seeking financing, to private equity firms and venture capital firms when seeking funding,... You see my pattern.

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