Friday, November 16, 2012

Become a Spokesperson to Promote Your Business

I read a job search blog that provided some good tips. But I thought some of the tips were directy applicable to small businesses looking to build credibility in their industry or sector and attract customers. Here is the applicable quote from that blog, "Donate your time or your services to an event in return for personal promotion. Offer to become a guest contributor to blogs in your industry. If there’s an organization or committee of like-minded people in your area, join them."


Becoming a spokesperson by doing the above will definitely help you promote your business. If your business is less local and more national, you could join national organizations or take advantage of small business forums through online entities such as Yahoo! and LinkedIn.

This was excerpted from the blog post, What Supermodels Can Teach You About Getting a Job by Cara Barone, the Social Media Marketing Manager at Kforce.

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