Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get Good Deals on Business Items

Have you ever looked in your favorite newspaper and seen half-page or whole page ads listing all the items seized by a particular government agency, i.e., the FBI, the DEA or even your large county sheriff department? I have. I remember reading how individuals or businesses would track these seizures, find out when the next agency auction would be, then attend and buy items at rock bottom prices. (My favorites were always the Lamborginis and yachts seized in southern Florida!)


Well, there are much easier ways to access these agency auctions now. There are a number of sites such as and that provide online auctions of government surplus goods and seized items. You can get office chairs, laptops, cars, etc. from these sites. The government is (finally) doing what much of the private sector has been doing for awhile. These auctions and sites are an excellent way to get good deals on business items.
Admittedly, the idea for this post came from an article I read, "How to Get a Good Deal on Almost Anything." Click on the highlighted title to read more.

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