Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Better Use Facebook to Market Your Business

I don't know that much about using Facebook to connect with your customers. Admittedly, I focus on businesses and not on consumers so I utilize those sites and other marketing and PR options that tend to reach business owners and management. However, I do try to stay abreast of available resources, even if I don't use them. You never know when an opportunity may present itself. If you have no idea an option even exists, you can't circle back and find out more about it when a potentially great fit arises. (Of course, you wouldn't know it was a good fit if you hadn't been exposed to it, would you?)


Before I get completely sidetracked, my point is that there are myriad ways to now leverage Facebook to connect with and engage with potential, prospective, and current customers. What are those ways? Well, check out the article, Facebook's Post Targeting Feature a Boon for Small Business by Angela Stringfellow to find out.

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