Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small Business Funding - Another Way to Fund Your Business

Apparently, there's another source for small business funding. You can fund your business by enticing large corporations to sponsor your business activities - events, seminars, book signings, radio shows, and more. I knew a small business coach in Atlanta that connected with SunTrust to offer free group coaching sessions to their small business clients. This provided a service to SunTrust that enabled SunTrust to rise above the small business banking crowd in certain metro Atlanta areas. It obviously helped the business coach obtain exposure and new clients that he would have had to otherwise pay a lot of advertising and marketing money to access or spend a lot of time pursuing.

Taken from a broad perspective, this type of sponsorship is one of the potentially excellent business financing sources for growing businesses of a certain type. Many times a large corporation will actually pay you. Other times, the Fortune 1000 company will provide the venue and handle the marketing for you, as with the above example.
For more ideas and some insights as to how to pursue this source of funding, check out the Inc. magazine article, Surprising Way to Fund Your Business.
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Disadvantages of Using Debt Financing for Working Capital | The Resourceful CEO

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Articles to Help Your Business

I have recently been doing a lot of writing for small business websites like Chron.com (Houston Chronicle) and . I've also written for Zacks.com, a personal finance website. I've had more than 30 articles published in the last 30-45 days. I thought I'd share some links with you since the topics and content may be of interest to you. I've provided a teaser and the link to 5 articles below.

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