Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Small Startup Shows Uncommon Partner Relationship Building Approach

Photos of the messages sent to Xero by TimeCamp.
Press release: A small startup, based in Poland, shows an uncommon approach to building relationships with business partners.

From the end of June, companies that use Xero for accounting can also monitor time and attendance of their employees thanks to the integration with TimeCamp, an automatic time tracking software application. Connection of these two tools provided an opportunity to try a more human approach to marketing.

TimeCamp typically opts out of the use of classical marketing and markets to highlight the benefits of using its time tracking software. TimeCamp prefers to rely on people, emotions and true Human-to-Human relations, eschewing the term business-to-business. In other words, H2H instead of B2B.

H2H is a new way of thinking about marketing. Its creator, Bryan Kramer uses the simplest words to describe this idea, “Businesses do not have emotions. People do.”

According to Bryan, for customers (and also for business partners) what is most valuable is “an undying relationship with a person or people at your brand who make them feel uniquely special.”

This belief is the reason for TimeCamp’s action. On Thursday, July 3, 2014, 120 employees of Xero received emails with pictures presenting TimeCamp’s team members holding boards emblazoned with personalized greetings to their new partners.

“It took us a lot of time and effort to take pictures and address them to each Xero worker. We didn’t earn a penny on this, but that was not our aim. We are very happy we did it. Nowadays, building friendly relations with business partners and clients is generally just an empty phrase,” says Dawid Jurand Szkielka, COO at TimeCamp. Dawid continues, “People still talk about the importance of human relations, but they keep communicating information regarding their products or services in such inhuman, materialistic ways. We literally want to be Xero’s mates, because together we create an excellent software integrated application that helps people run their business - and we believe this is provides significant value, not only in marketing but also in someone's life.”  

Click here to read and watch what Xero and TimeCamp campaign's looked like:


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