Friday, September 5, 2014

Web Company Service Giveaway Contest

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King Swag, Inc. is giving away websites and services.

Austin, TX -- King Swag, Inc. is currently running a contest to give away nearly $7,000 in services. These services include: free websites and six months free social media management and online marketing. The contest began September 1, 2014 runs through October 20, 2014. Although targeted to business owners, the contest is open to anyone 18+ years old in the United States.

King Swag, Inc. was founded by Kyle Sattler in June 2013. The company began life as King Swag Designs, added another venture, King Swag Productions, seven months later, then changed its name to King Swag, Inc. in July 2014. King Swag Inc’s primary business is building websites and creating online marketing plans at a reasonable cost for small businesses.

The top three finalists will each receive a free website, built from scratch. The grand prize winner will receive online marketing services and six months of free social media management.

You can learn more about the contest at: . You can learn more about King Swag, Inc. and its service offerings at .

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