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Entrepreneur Job Experience - Networking Into Your Target Company

Career Intelligence networking article
Excellent article on networking in which I am quoted.

Some entrepreneurs jump directly into business ownership, but most start off as employees somewhere. Working as an employee provides you with information about what to do... and what not to do. It helps you to see how companies scale, utilize existing resources, hire, segment into departments and divisions, prepare financial statements, and so much more. As such, working for one or more companies, particularly entrepreneurial companies, can really help drive your growth as an entrepreneur. In addition, working for someone else can provide you with the needed funds to start your business, assuming that you save a good portion of what you earn!

Networking into a Great Learning Opportunity

If you want the best learning opportunity, you must identify the company and position that would provide this for you. Once you do so, the typical job boards will most likely not help you. The fastest and most assured way to get into the company you want, at or near the position you want is to network into it. How do you do that? Check out the insightful article "Networking Into Your Target Company: Strategies for getting into your target company" on,

 Excerpt from Networking Into Your Target Company

 "Like Facebook, Twitter gets mixed results from career experts in terms of its use as a targeting tool to connect with specific companies. However, there are a few common strategies to try to make contact with company recruiters or hiring managers at your target organizations.Tiffany C. Wright, founder of The Resourceful CEO, suggests determining if the corporate contact you’ve identified on Twitter maintains a blog or regularly contributes to one. If so, you can read that person’s blog and bio, then comment on the blog on Twitter using the person’s @Twitter handle. “This shows that you did your homework and paid attention,” says Wright. “Request a brief talk with her about her company and what she does, as it relates to something she wrote about.”"

To read the article in its entirety, go to

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