Friday, October 10, 2014

Networking in 15 Minutes a Day

You can listen to Fran's interview with Marnie Swedberg on Fraternizing with Fran.

Marnie Swedberg is author of 12 “how-to” books, manager of the family restaurant and retail store, radio host, public speaker, mentor and web hostess. One of her ebooks is called Sane Social Networking in 15 min a day – for busy people. Since doing the book, she has become a social network advocate.
She also hosts Marnie’s Friends on

Q – How do you use Facebook, Twitter and Linked In? What are some of your social networking strategies?
I spend 15 minutes a day doing what I call playing "ping-pong" with my social networks. I "ping" out, or volley out, 4+ posts per day using and then, just once a day, I spend a few minutes at each site replying to comments, etc. Works great in the minutes I have.

Q - You started life as a victim of a reading disability, fires, floods, car wrecks, tornadoes, burglary, lighting strikes and the death of your beloved dad. Yet you have exhibited extreme come-back behavior, becoming a success.

Q - What was it besides your profound faith that spurred you on?

As is the case with everyone who enters an arena with a handicap, I developed new methods -- strategies that could help ME do what I needed to do in extreme circumstances. Now I share those strategies with thousands around the world who aren't facing the same set of traumas, but would like to do things faster, better and smarter.
Q - You mentor 13,000 super busy leaders in 30 countries through your program, B.U.S.Y – Best Unique Strategies for You.

Q  - What do you mentor them about?
I train in the 12 life zones: 
Faith, Family, Food, Writing, Speaking, Media, Managing, Training, Connections, Women's Ministry, Event Planning and Websites.
I train BUSY - Best Unique Strategies for You (again, based on my personal background which required me to develop unique approaches to everyday problems).

Q - You have presented at large corporations, including Honeywell, Prudential, Pillsbury and AT&T.

Q. What do you impart to these corporate types?
I love to share life mastery, success and other how-to strategies, principles and best practices. I train everything from "The Success Principles of Olympians, Presidents and CEOs" to "Kitchen Shortcuts". If you'd use it in your daily life, I probably touch on it in one of my programs.

Q. What are some of the Time Management strategies of Olympians, CEO’s and presidents?
I go into details about exactly HOW leaders master these, but the high points are:
A - Assess and Assign Value
B - Batch
C - Calculate 
D - Delegate or Do
E - Evaluate. Never stop evaluating everything!!

Q. What advice would you give to small business owners starting out?
Calculate! In fact, I'd love to offer readers my free "30 Second Prioritization Calculator. May I do that? You can get it as a free gift at

Marnie was interviewed by Francine Silverman, editor of Book Promotion Newsletter,
an on-line publicist, compiler of 16 ebooks of talk radio shows and host of a weekly
radio show, Fraternizing with Fran – where interesting people come to chat. and

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