Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Women: Simple Ways to Build Your Self Confidence

Women often downplay their skills and abilities, to their detriment. This can be a huge problem for women owned businesses and women entrepreneurs. If you don't believe in your skills and abilities, how will you convince others (funders, employees, and vendors)  to do so? Confidence radiates out from you and attracts the people and circumstances you need, therefore, it is crucial to build your self confidence in any area in which it is lacking.  Here is a presentation by two noted female journalists that illuminates this issue and provides some relatively quick activities women can engage in throughout the day, everyday, to boost their comfort in acknowledging and championing their abilities. In addition, these activities can help boost self confidence.

Here's an excerpt of an activity:

"Take a half hour while you're working and become aware of your inner dialogue. Be on alert for any obsessive or catastrophic thinking. Practice halting the negative ideas with an alternative positive scenario. Notice how the intervention stops the cycle."

Women entrepreneurs, take heed. Try the above. If you notice negative thoughts, do this 2-3x per day, until those thoughts no longer arise!

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