Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's that Time Again! 1099s - Who Gets Them?

1099 Video Series - Entities Get 1099s
Part of The Resourceful CEO Presentation Series

What Entities Get 1099s?:

What Entities Get 1099s ? The 1099 Video Series


Independent contractors provide a number of different services in any given year. Attorneys and accountants, IT providers, sales representatives Most must receive 1099s. http://

Table of Contents:

Form 1099-MISC - Purpose & Requirements:

Form 1099-MISC's purpose
Required by the IRS 

Covered Business Types:

Individuals operating as sole proprietors
General partnerships Limited liability partnerships ...

Corporate Exceptions:

A few exceptions to the corporation exemption exist.

IRS: Dates:

Payers must deliver Form 1099-MISC by
Payers must mail the IRS the 1099 summary by
If filing electronically, Payers have until

W-9 Required:

W-9 provides: Business name
Taxpayer identification number...


Internal Revenue Service:
Forms and Associated Taxes for Independent Contractors
General Instructions for Certain Information Forms
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