Monday, March 30, 2015

Break Down Your Goals: Success Builds on Success

Success Builds, Suzanne Evans quote
Keep the above in mind. In other words, success builds upon success.
Many of us have goals. Some of us have taken the time to craft clearly defined goals using action words and an end date. (This is what ALL the time management and goal achievement experts recommend.) However, sometimes we get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what we want to accomplish. This is particularly true if the goal is set for achievement in three or five years.


For example, if you say, "My business will generate annual revenue of $1 million in five years", but you are starting from $0 or near $0, you may wonder how in the world will you get there. Three months later you may have generated $10,000 in revenue. You think, "Now I just have $990,000 to go!" That thought typically does not lift you up!

Progress Begets Progress

Harvard conducted a study that showed that employees have higher job satisfaction and greater performance when they feel like they are making good progress towards their goals. (Refer to The Resourceful CEO post, "Perceived Progress Is the Best Employee Motivator".) This doesn't just apply to employees; this also applies to small business owners and entrepreneurs like you! You feel more motivated when you feel like you are making progress.

Smaller Steps

Therefore, to put yourself on the road to continual success that builds, you need to break your larger goals into smaller goals and shorter time frames. Returning to our example, break that $1 million in 5 years into $10,000 the first 3 months, $80,000 the first year, $200,000 the 2nd year, $400,000 the 3rd year, $750,000 the 4th year and $1 million the 5th year! Now your $10,000 in 3 months is a big deal!
Acknowledge goal achievement with excitement!
Be excited! Acknowledge all your achievements.

Acknowledge and Reward Yourself

Another component of breaking down your goals is to acknowledge your achievements when you hit them. When you hit that $10,000 milestone, acknowledge that your business has now officially made money and is on its way to getting bigger and better. You now have cash flow from operations to use to pay for insurance, purchase advertising, or cover other business expenses.  Treat yourself to something you've wanted and repeatedly tell yourself why you deserve it. (You accomplished a goal.) Success builds on success, but you must acknowledge and internalize that success in order to have something to build on! In other words, if you don't think it's a success, you can't build on it.

Success Is a Journey

Breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable action items helps train your brain to divide and conquer, to use your creative energy to identify and manifest solutions. Once you achieve one goal, your confidence grows. As you achieve your goals repeatedly and successively, your confidence begins to soar and your goals may get larger. As human beings we are meant to grow. Therefore, success is a journey. You will always aspire to more, whatever more is for you, as you grow and expand your capabilities and realize that you are capable of more than you previously thought. This is how success builds on success!

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