Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Is in Your Business Travel Bag?

What's in your business travel bag?
A recent journalist's query was, "What’s in your business bag?"

My cell phone is an absolute necessity. In addition to all the business uses for my iPhone, I use the alarm on my cell phone as my wake-up. I’ve had hotel clocks be set to pm when they should have been am, had the power go out for a moment while asleep, and had wake-up calls forgotten. But my phone alarm works every single time!

Shower Slippers

I also always bring shower slippers (aka flip flops). Most hotels are great and I don’t need them but it only takes one instance of subpar room or bathroom floors to know the value of flip flops. These also double as pool area shoes when I decide to use the pool, whirlpool or sauna.

My Suit

I always bring a non-iron suit. I’ve arrived late at night (2-3 am) for a 7 am meeting. Instead of ironing, I can just hang that suit in the bathroom while I shower and all the wrinkles disappear. This saves me 10-20 minutes.

What's in your business travel bag and why? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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